Saturday, April 28, 2018

Little Mermaid

We have has so much rain around her I guess that's part of what led me to this darling little "Mermaid #124" from Sasayaki Glitter.   This look on her face is so sweet and her little octo friend looks as if he needs that big hug she is giving him.  

I colored the image with Copic markers, fussy cut and added them to a very fun background made with Ken Oliver Color Bursts and Mineral Bursts on watercolor paper.  It has a lovely metallic shine IRL and was such fun to make.  I added a few die cuts and a few "droplets" and here she is in her home under the sea.

Please check out the Sasayaki Glitter store for more of Naz's wonderful images.  If you've never used digital images before, don't let that stop you, if I can use them, anyone can.  There are many good tutorials out there that make the process easy and you probably already have the computer, printer and paper it takes!

Happy weekend to you all!


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