Saturday, October 15, 2016


Halloween Bunny coloured by Nikki

Halloween Bunny coloured by Sandy

Halloween Bunny coloured by Victoria

Tracey using Halloween Bunny 

Halloween Pups coloured by Nikki

Halloween Pups coloured by Sandy

Halloween Pups coloured by Victoria

Halloween Pups coloured by Michaela

Chrissy using Halloween Pups

Tina using Halloween Pups

Mummy Shy and Mouse coloured by Sandy

Mummy Shy and Mouse coloured by Bettina

Tina using Mummy Shy and Mouse

Deanne using Mummy Shy and Mouse

Olga using Mummy Shy and Mouse

Vampire Shy Coloured by Nikki

Vampire Shy Coloured by Sandy

Vampire Shy Coloured by Victoria

Deanne using Vampire Shy

Witch Dorrie Coloured by Sandy

Witch Dorrie Coloured by Bettina

Witch Dorrie coloured by Michaela

Chrissy using Witch Dorrie

Christine using Witch Dorrie

Ghost coloured by Sandy

Ghost coloured by Bettina

Ghost coloured by Michaela

Deanne using Ghost

This Freebie is only available today, join us on Sasayaki Glitter Facebook Group and grab it. Can't wait to see you guys.

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  1. LOVING these new Halloween images.....especially the pups....sooooo cute!!!


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